NANA ANINE is a danish

Dancer / Performer / Maker / STORYTELLER

also working as Dramaturg, Choreographer and cross disciplinary collaborator.

Artistic Statement

The fusion of human interactions, media discourse and dance are the foundations of my expressive work; with inspiration being drawn from pop culture, fictional and historical sources, concepts of gender and the distinction between physical and mental health.
These themes both inform and strengthen the others, a tension through which I can explore the questions that are central to my work.

The process-flow is my fuel. It is here I am in dialogue with the physical body and questioning mind. In this way my performances exhibit an intense and sensitive physicality. The starting point is always through imagery, and often involves organic material as an ongoing element in my work.

My deepest respect lies in the practices of storytelling within history, humanity and down to an individual perspective. Through physical transformation I wish to honor and retain this medium throughout my work.

Movement Research

My motivation for developing new movement qualities most likely comes from transforming observed everyday based behaviours and body languages into my movement vocabulary. I like human imperfections. I like the twist of humor when I move and choreograph. Communication to me is improvisation. I like to see my work as a dialogue; an individual's simple awareness of time and space is in all simplicity a conversation between these 3 exponents.

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A performance installation questioning the equalities between mental illnesses and creativity.

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With support from:

"Parallel Monologues”

Choreography Concept and Performance by Nikoline Due & Nana Anine in collaboration with Sylvester Struckmann, Bådteatret, Copenhagen 23.-24-10:

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