Kollektiva. was founded in 2018 and is comprised of international freelance dance and performance artists based in Hamburg.Consisting completely of women, the collective uses the diverse artistic backgrounds of its members, within a heterarchical system, to reach new possibilities of movement through ongoing research of femininity.


Nunart Documentation

Ruhestörung Podcast #56: Nana Anine Jørgensen



A performance installation questioning the equalities between mental illnesses and creativity.

The Video Performance is a virtuel transformation of the original Performance Installation created in a two floored old fish factory. The original creation came alive at the residency at the LungA School in Iceland 2019, where it also premiered.

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Music Video
for M.Byrd

“Mountain” Music Video for M.Byrd

M. Byrd releases the music video to the song "Mountain" that features Danish dancer and choreographer Nana Anine. In the vast landscape of the Atlantic beaches of Normandy / France, Nana Anine sets a sign of feminine strength and sensitivity, interpreting “Mountain” as a meditation on personal growth and an empowering metaphor to trust your intuition.

Under Marcel Izquierdo Torres' direction, Nana Anine’s choreography is embedded into atmospheric pictures that not only capture the beauty but also the solitude of the region. This collective of dancers, musicians and creative minds is a promising starting point for content-related/visual/cross-sectional collaborations that can reach beyond M. Byrd’s music, that in itself already shines with a rare self-understanding and timelessness.

Artist: M. Byrd
Choreographer & Dancer: Nana Anine
Director: Marcel Izquierdo Torres
Illustrator: Jan Buchczik
Producer: Hannes Kuhr

Sebastiano Toma


PERZEPTION is a transdisciplinary physical theatre / circus production about diverging perceptions in the context of transcultural identities.

Stefan Sing
Liam Wilson
Leilani Franco
Vivian Sommer
Roman von Thurau
Gioia de Piccoli
Rose Marie Lindstrøm
Laura Hinkelmann
Bláthin Eckhardt

Choreographer: Cristiana Casadio
Dramaturg: Nana Anine Jørgensen

Israel Akpan Sunday

IJAKADI OKAN // Israel Akpan Sunday

IJAKADI OKAN schlägt eine Brücke zwischen den überlieferten Legenden und Geschichten der nigerianischen Yorùbá Kultur und der Gegenwart, zwischen den Metropolen Hamburg und Lagos. Im Zusammenspiel mit Livemusik und Poesie choreographiert Israel Akpan Sunday die westafrikanische Tradition des kollektiven Geschichtenerzählens und überträgt diese in einen gegenwärtigen Kontext. Sich zwischen traditionellen und modernen afrikanischen Tänzen bewegend, richtet er den Blick auf die „inneren Kämpfe" (Übersetzung des Titels aus dem Yorùbá) und menschlichen Herausforderungen wie den Umgang mit Stereotypen und unterschiedliche Formen der Wissensvermittlung.

Konzept und Choreographie: Israel Akpan Sunday
Projektmanagement: Vivienne Lütteken
Tanz: Sarah Lasaki, Nana Anine, Israel Akpan Sunday
Musik: Bettina Russmann, Paul Timmich, Stanley Ikechukwu Njoku
Videografie: Larissa Potapov
Kostüm: Julia Hehlke

Monroe Isenberg
// Collaboration

Monroe Isenberg // Collaboration

A Closer Walk with Thee: Mother began my first collaborative work with Nana Anine, a dancer and choreographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Anine’s movements respond to a coarse fishing net, hole in the floor, and the abandoned fish factory in Seyðisfjörður. She wiggles, sways, contorts, and struggles ironically to “Closer Walk To Thee” by Patsy Kline. The performative sculptural work is an uncanny exploration of the themes of femininity, sexuality, piety, restriction, and spirituality. Contextualized by the decaying factory, Anine’s movements draw from the tactility of the forgotten fishing net found and pulled from the rocky ocean nearby. Her choreography within this minimalist architectural intervention simultaneously presents ideas of futility and contentedness, and unfold from the conversations and experimentations between a sculptor and dancer.

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